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Your Project Deserves A Professional Content Writer.

The push for professional content writers has grown considerably over the past several years. But you're an intelligent and literate adult, why shouldn't you write your own content?

Blog Writing

Your writing project is unique? Certainly. The focus, details, and application are all one of a kind for your endeavor? Most definitely. Should you therefore believe: ‘there’s nobody out there who can give my project justice’? Not quite.

Yes, you are the master of your idea. You understand its intricacies and scope. But taking that knowledge and translating it into a seamless text that informs and intrigues yet inspires interaction also takes a master. For that, we have professional content writers.

If your writing project is a slippery slope of ideas, tangents, and facts; your content writer is the skier who can read that terrain and plot a smooth course to the destination. That destination being a publication that informs, intrigues, and generates interaction. But what exactly is a content writer and why are these three points so important? Let's take a look and explore how this trifecta can make or break online content.

What Is A Content Writer?

The basic definition? Content writers produce content for publication online. This is just the tip of the iceberg, however. What type of content? For whom? What topics?

As for type, that depends on the particular job at hand. A content writer tailors their work to the project's goal and scope by covering one, some, or all of the criteria below:

  • Information

  • Entertainment

  • Marketing

  • Analysis

  • Education/Instruction

Unlike copywriters, who tend to focus solely on marketing and persuasion, we run the full field of online communication. This means that our broad focus will always be building a bridge between you and your audience. The stronger the bridge, the greater the connection to your readers.


Professional content writers will therefore always work on expanding and strengthening this bridge. Constant expansion means making your content as accessible to your target audience as possible. This could be a very specific group of individuals – determined by age, gender, or profession – or simply the online community as a whole.

Strengthening your content will continually build that relationship with your readers, and keep them coming back. That means fresh, on-topic, publications on a regular basis that also meets the three criteria discussed earlier. Specifically, content that informs, intrigues, and encourages interaction. But why are these three points so important?

Your Publication Informs

The primary goal of any writing project. Inform. You have a point to be made and this is an avenue to reach hundreds upon thousands of readers. But that number of readers also implies an equal number of different perspectives and backgrounds. Can your project ever hope to be accessible to them all?

Technical Writing

Yes, it can. Professional content writing isn't about taking a one sentence idea inflating it to fill a page for online posting. It's about taking that idea and transforming it into the best version of itself. That's exactly why our writing service at BestDraft LLC exists.

Your content writer will take that initial idea, and sculpt it into an informative piece that's aimed squarely at your target audience. Regardless of what the information or target audience may be.

Perhaps you have technical information to communicate to the average individual. Presenting complicated information coherently for the layperson is a particular strength of a successful content writer. This is also a proven talent of our engineer writers who have been steeped in technical information, and can mold it into an engaging article that does not scream 'lab report'. The result? A publication that informs your target audience without leaving their heads askew and mouths open. But what about other topics?

The travel and adventure industries face similar accessibility hurdles. In this case, how to communicate destination and gear information without becoming an online encyclopedia or guidebook. Conversational, engaging, yet informative is the style, and the bread-and-butter of a professional writing service.

Remember, we exist to build bridges between you and the online community. Conversational articles that contain relevant and informative content are among the best building materials out there, and our content writers have produced countless examples.

The point is this: Successfully melding your information into an accessible article that transfers your point to a specific audience can seem like throwing a dart at a board attached to a roller coaster. It's for exactly that reason that your project deserves a professional content writer. We make a living out of hitting that bullseye and presenting your information clearly to exactly for whom it's intended.

Your Publication Intrigues

Presenting your information concisely for the intended audience is only half the battle, however. Yes, we wish to pass along information, but our secondary goal is to stimulate interest and strengthen that bond between brand and reader.

Interesting Read

Interest in your product, blog, business, and organization as a whole. This is the secret force that continually draws readers back to your site again and again, and encourages them to make use of your services. But just how do you take any topic, and make it an interesting read?

This is certainly a mire of pitfalls and rough terrain to which your content writer has a map, drawn from years of experience in multiple industries. It takes countless past projects, a few slip-ups, and no shortage of talent in order to collect all the tools necessary to make any topic an interesting read. Your professional content writer furthermore knows exactly what tool fits the project at hand.

For example, applying puns and humor to a formal article intended for professionals is simply taking the handle of a wrench to a nail. We must instead focus on the information itself. The facts, figures, and facets that – when artfully and authoritatively told – make the reader say: 'w0w'.

Humor, however, certainly has a place in the bridge connecting you to your readers. Just remember: time and place. The subject influences tone and style, and a professional content writer is here to make those connections to ensure your publication has the greatest impact.

The BestDraft team has over a decade of writing experience and knows how transform any topic into a fascinating story to connect readers to your brand. Even a guide to knife-sharpening can be a fun read. Trust us, we've done it. Contact us and see for yourself how a content writer can make a positive impact on your project.

Your Publication Merits Interaction

You can consider a professional content writer as an article alchemist of sorts. Mixing their potions of sentence structure and information until they produce the coveted final product: interaction.

Your endeavors rely on the reader's interaction with your article. That could be as simple as the reader returning in the future. Clicking that like button on Facebook. Sharing the article on LinkedIn. Or purchasing your service or product.

Sharing online content

But interaction doesn't just happen. Your entire project must be geared towards this one final point. Writing with no intention of the reader returning or sharing your work is like fishing without a hook. Yes, you're technically fishing, but would you care to explain why?

This is not what you want, and an experienced content writer will make sure it never happens. Just as a sculptor meticulously curves and shapes their work, your writer crafts their words to build a lasting connection with your readers. This connection will in turn keep your readers returning again and again, and sharing your brand within their own online community.

The methods to reach this goal are almost as varied as the potential writing topics themselves. They include:

  • Fascinating information worth sharing

  • Prompt questions

  • Helpful or educational information

  • Requesting feedback

  • Call to action

In fact, most shared online content these days is informative and useful blog posts that are not direct sales pitches or marketing ads. Straightforward, relevant, and helpful content is the trend, and is a proven avenue to your readers. It's reported that longer articles with 2,000 plus words get significantly more shares than shorter posts.

But generating longer content on a regular basis that checks all the boxes for a quality publication is no small task. It takes time, research, and experience that a professional content writer will readily provide.

Let's wrap up by saying that artfully drawing your audience to your brand is no easy feat. The information must be accurate and relevant, yet intriguing. The cues for interaction subtle but firm. Hitting these points without content writing experiencing is possible, but why risk your company's audience and brand? Content writers exist to hit each of these targets, and a professional writing service is your avenue to that skill.

Need professionally crafted online content? Contact BestDraft LLC and our team will have stellar content for your website in no time.


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