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Working With Professional Content Writers – How to Get Started

Countless businesses want to start a blog or need to restart their content writing engine, and it's not hard to see why. Blogs are the direct line to a business's audience – think of the iconic red phone – that allow you to speak directly to returning customers or convert new customers en-masse.

But unless you have copious amounts of spare time for writing, you'll likely be looking to outsource this work. Minimal time lost on your end; just set the writer loose, and you'll have professional blog content in no time, right?

Almost, but this process spawns dozens of questions. How do we get started? What information do they need? What's a reasonable schedule? How much guidance do I need to offer? The list goes on. Considering all these questions, and the many more I regularly field, let's take a look at BestDraft's content writing services to answer all your questions.

We'll start with the most common question about our work, how we compare with an individual writer.

Isn't Working With a Writing Service More Complicated Than a Single Freelancer?

Not at all! Our process is identical to working with a single freelancer. But imagine a freelancer with decades of experience in multiple industries, and that's us. Working with BestDraft means you'll have one point of contact – who will be with you for the whole process – and one billing method. Sounds just like working with an individual, doesn't it?

But a full team of talented content writers is at your disposal through this streamlined process. We handpick the best-qualified writer for your topic, assign the work, meticulously edit the final product, and your contact will have it back to you by our prearranged deadline.

Have several different subject areas? No problem, our entire team is always available from start to finish, and we can add new knowledge and talent at any time to tackle any topic you send us.

Now you know that our process is identical to working with a single content writer, let's move on to how to get started.


The earlier you connect with our content writing service, the more help we can offer.

Remember, this is our bread-and-butter, and the knowledge gained through years of writing, researching, and publishing is there for you to use. You could be weeks or even months away from needing written content published, but that's no barrier. The trick to effective content is meticulous planning ahead of time, and we're here to help you chart your project from day one.

Connect with us on LinkedIn, through our website, or by email:

Identify the Content You Want

Your primary step to getting content written is to identify the content you want. Most often, these will be blog posts. But newsletters and long-form webpages are also powerful options at your disposal – and our team of content writers can dive into any of these choices.

Zeroing in, consider the exact subjects that you'd like to have covered. These will be topics directly related to your industry – gear-related for outdoors blogs, destination-related for travel agencies, and so on.

Our editorial team is on hand from day one if you'd like help picking topics.

Optimal Content Length

Once we know the type of content and the general topic, it's time to dive into specifics. At this stage, one of the most important items to hammer out is your content word count – whether it's ideal blog length or how many pages for your newsletter. This decision will influence everything from SEO research to formatting, so let's examine a few points to consider.

First, remember that longer content pieces are generally more attractive to search engines and often receive better rankings – think 2,000+ words. But don't forget that this involves some keyword research.

Yes, we're on hand for keyword research to ensure your content is as effective as possible.

Conversely, shorter content is very effective at quickly engaging your audience and sparking discussions and feedback – usually falling into the 400 to 1,500-word range.

There are more distinctions within this range, but these two points will help get the ball rolling. As you'd expect, our content writers also need a number or range before they get started!


Plenty of images? Lot's of easy-to-scan lists? A healthy mix? Once again, these questions boil down to your content goals. Do you want your content to be an easy skim with plenty of links to products or webpages, or are you aiming for solid standalone content that offers plenty of information?

Our freelance content writers can roll into any format type you need. We're happy to furnish pictures with our work and collaborate with you to iteratively zero in on the perfect format and style you need.

Create Your Content Calendar

Consistency can make or break your content. A single gem of content, bristling with SEO and cross-linking, won't launch your website into the spotlight on its own. It takes a consistent publishing schedule with continual fresh content to achieve that goal.

In terms of collaborating with us, that means we'll work together to create a robust and reliable pipeline of content for your website. This most often takes shape as weekly topics, which we research, write, edit, and deliver on the following week. Alternatively, we can receive an entire month's-worth of topics at once and submit the completed work in batches every week.

Our strength in numbers allows us to handle any volume of content you need weekly or monthly – and we always deliver content on time, every time.

Delivery Method

The final piece we need to get your project off the ground is how you would like to receive your content. A collaborative platform is often the most beneficial where edits, suggestions, and comments are accessible by the whole team. Google Documents fills this role nicely. However, our content writers have also worked with the following programs in the past.

  • Microsoft Word

  • PDF

  • WordPress

  • SurferSEO

Ready for Content

That's all we need! Topics, word count, format, and a due date. You can line up all the details beforehand, or contact us early and allow us to help you put the pieces in place for the best digital content.

So in review, working with our team of professional content writers is identical to working with a single individual. One point of contact, but our entire team's talent and experience. Contact us, and new content will be flowing onto your website in no time!


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