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Does Your Project Need A Professional Writing Service?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019


Writing for yourself can be difficult. There’s the time required to complete a writing project while still maintaining the rest of your business or responsibilities. The troublesome pains of translating your perfectly formed idea into an accessible piece for your target audience. Not to mention the intricacies of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – the key to which your work needs to be discovered on the internet.

Take all these factors into account, and you will eventually reach the point of asking yourself one deceptively complex question; does this project need a professional writing service? Perhaps yes. Perhaps no. Let’s explore the circumstances of both answers to ensure you make the right choice for your project’s success.

Your Time Available

The deep dark pit into which most writing projects are cast is ‘I didn’t have the time’. It could be a series of articles about your company. Or a detailed promotion of your business’s capabilities. Perhaps that new set of articles for your blog. Or your book idea. All these projects will certainly benefit your endeavors, but are often not your highest priority in the grand scheme of things.

More often than not those ideas therefore fall under the future projects heading and yet never get done. This leads us to the first step in almost any writing project, plan out your time available! That time includes all your preparation, research, drafting, editing, and - of course - drafting again. For some projects, this time can be measured in days or even hours. Otherwise, you’re likely looking at weeks and months to commit to your idea.

So, plan ahead, objectively consider the time you have to complete this endeavor, and realistically decide if the project will ever bear fruit. If you decide you have the time to commit to your writing projects, then by all means get writing! However, there is absolutely no stigma associated with arriving at the opposite conclusion.

Simply admitting to yourself that your time will be spent on more pressing matters does not spell the end of your idea. Because that’s where a professional writing service enters the picture.

We understand, it's your project, your idea, and your baby. How can a writing service hope to understand the principles and content? Trust us, a multitude of completed projects in multiple industries allows for exactly that.

Just imagine it, a writing service will be polishing, shaping, and crafting the absolute best version of your idea. Check in when you wish, review completed work on your schedule, and never worry with your ideas in the capable hands of writers who quite literally do this for a living. Did your time constraints suddenly become absolutely meaningless to the success of your project? Yes. Yes they did.

In order to objectively evaluate your personal availably for your project, ask yourself:

  • Do I really have the time to commit hours, days, and possibly weeks to this project?

  • Will my time allow me to create quality writing content, without rushing?

  • Does my allotted time include reviews, editing, and potential rewrites?

If any of these points give you pause, drop us a line and we'll get your writing project underway.

Your Writing Acumen

Straight to the point; some people are skilled at writing, and others simply are not. To reach, connect, and – most importantly – stick with your target audience requires a certain level of know-how. This know-how encompasses knowing how strike the right tone and style for your particular idea, along with knowing how write at a level equal to your subject. This takes practice and time, even more so if your idea requires a style of writing you’re unaccustomed to.

What’re your options? As with any writing project, plan! Consider both your past writing exposure and target style. Think about if you’re comfortable writing in your proposed style, while also trying to definitively convey a point or idea. Recall that your blog writing skills may not be entirely suited for professional business content writing. And most importantly, do you actually enjoy writing? Or is this simply a chore that has to get done?

Just as you can tell which employees at a business are monumentally unconcerned about their jobs, so too can you tell if a writer actually cares about their work. Trust us, this is not a hole you want to haul yourself out of. If your audience even detects the slightest whiff of disinterest or rushed work, you lose them.

Therefore, carefully inventory your writing toolkit and decide whether or not you have the tools for the job. If you do, and enjoy the prospect of writing, then you’re all set to get your project underway. If, however, you’re missing the right tools please don’t make the mistake of using a screwdriver handle as a hammer! Instead this is the point to contact a professional writing service. They are guaranteed to have all the right tools and expertise for the job, and love writing to boot.

So ask yourself:

  • Am I comfortable with this subject matter?

  • Can I write consistently in this style?

  • Do I enjoy writing?

If the answer to any of these is no, contact us!

Switching Your Perspective

That crystal-clear idea in your head still has a long journey to becoming a readable and accessible piece for an audience that may know nothing about your subject. Remember, you’re on the inside. You know the minutia, the subtleties, and the background to your subject matter. But you can’t expect your audience to as well.

It's therefore absolutely crucial to flip your perspective, and look at your project from the outside. To help jumpstart this process, try asking yourself a few basic questions.

  • What am I trying to learn?

  • What's the subject?

  • Do I understand this content?

  • What are these abbreviations?

We get it. This can sometimes be very hard, especially if you're on a writing roll! You can easily slip into that insider groove, and your article is full of jargon and technicalities before you can say, 'how'd that happen?'.

But trust us, it's very necessary to make sure your audience easily understands your content without additional effort required on their part. This becomes doubly important if you're focusing on technical writing or providing in-depth information. Taking a complex idea and presenting it in its basic form without losing the point is the key in this case.

Remember, this isn't report writing! We write to reach other people. To do that, the product needs to be engaging yet informative, authoritative yet approachable, and accurate yet understandable.

Otherwise you're risking scratched heads, frustrating internet searches to understand content, and general befuddlement.

If this seems like too much to continuously keep track off, there's an alternate avenue. Simply seek out a writing service that's already on the outside. We get the bones of the project from you, but all that information is analyzed, organized, polished, and presented by writers who naturally ask all the same questions as your audience.

If detailed or technical website content is your goal, never fear losing crucial information through a writing service. Our professional and technical writing comes from a plethora of background experience that ensures all your information and ideas are there, simply polished.

We'll conclude this section with the primary questions you should ask yourself:

  • Can I take my subject and easily make it accessible to my audience?

  • Do I understand the questions that my audience will be asking?

  • Will my audience come away with all the information I want to present?

Unsure of any of these points? Then it's time to contact us and get your project rolling.

Your Experience

As with any project, your past experience plays a major roll in future success. Experience influences every single aspect of your project from the big picture of overall organization all the way down to individual word choice. This consequently plays a massive role in the project's success.

Now there's no website or resource to review and suddenly *poof* you have experience. It takes completed projects, more than a few writing flops, and time to accrue the knowledge needed to present a fluid and engaging piece for your audience.

However, you still have options available to put your writing on the fast track. There are near infinite resources available for you to brush up on absolutely everything from how to properly use transition phrases to SEO basics. However, this brings us full circle to our very first point in this article, just how much time do you have available?

Therefore take the time to gauge your current experience level while simultaneously evaluating if that experience is appropriate for the project you have on hand. If you believe your experience may be a little lacking, that's certainly does not spell doom for your idea. Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to dive in and start building that writing background!

On the other hand, perhaps this idea or project is a centerpiece for your greater business endeavors. Possibly an important marketing series for your company or an anchor piece for a blog. Rushing into these high profile projects with words blazing simply doesn't pay off, and it's here that a professional writing service can make all the difference.

We come to your project with all the experience accrued over years of writing and well over a hundred successfully completely projects between us. Those past projects cover everything from technical writing for businesses all the way to travel and gear articles for your favorite adventures, all coming together as stellar website content. You can therefore rest assured that your idea will be in the safe hands of experienced professionals who know how to turn your idea into a polished gem.

So once again, ask yourself the following questions to help determine if your experience is ready to produce the quality content you need.

  • Does my presentation transmit my ideas cleanly and efficiently?

  • Have I selected the most powerful keywords?

  • Does my word choice and sentence structure flow well from beginning to end?

If you're not certain of any of these questions, consider contacting us to jumpstart your writing project.


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