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Blog Ideas for the Travel Industry

Constantly creating and publishing fresh content for your travel company's blog takes a surprising amount of effort! How do you set your organization's trip offerings apart from the competition and still present them in an exciting and fun fashion? And once you've done that in one blog post, how do you keep it up for weeks and months without any lapses?

The answer is a steady stream of diverse and interesting content ideas, and we're here to help you create exactly that. Our team of guides, travelers, and adventurers have produced content ranging from backpacking adventures in Patagonia to lodge-based trips in Norway. All that experience has taught us a thing or two about what types of content connect with your audience, so let's take a look.

Specific Destination Review

Let's start our train of content ideas with the tried and true destination review.

Your individual trip pages contain all the crucial information your audience needs to decide whether to go on the trip. However, an in-depth blog post is your chance to truly expand on why that particular destination is worth the trip. Discuss local history, sites to visit, food, and, of course, your company's specialty – be it hiking, dining, biking, culture, or anything in between.

Pro Tip: Throw in a link to your trip page for every location or activity that coincides with a particular aspect of your trip offerings.

Click the picture for a Destination Review that BestDraft LLC wrote for Flashpacker Connect

Firsthand Travel Story

Most readers will form a stronger connection and develop greater interest in a location if the author speaks directly to them. Relating their own experiences and adventures – and perhaps disappointments – through an engaging and relevant story.

This story could come from your organization's local guides or tour operators, or just about anybody in the company that has been to the destination. If writing isn't your forte, then outsourcing this work to a professional content writer is perfectly acceptable, but try to stick to writers with actual firsthand experience to guarantee your blog's authenticity!

Pro Tip: In this case, the key is personal communication. Use 'I' and 'me' to speak directly to the reader and save the broader pronouns of 'us' and 'we' for more general content.

Click the picture for a Travel Story that Dan Purdy – our founder – wrote for The Florida Travel Girl Blog

Destination Roundup

While specific destination reviews are ideal for promoting a particular trip that your organization offers, broader destination roundups are your opportunity to highlight several in one fell swoop! It doesn't matter if your company covers a single city, state, country, or an entire continent; a solid destination roundup is always an engaging and worthwhile project.

But what if your travel company doesn't offer many trips in a single area? No problem! Do your research, build a useful and relevant guide to the best adventures in your chosen area, and sprinkle your company's offerings throughout the list with links back to your site.

Click the picture for a Destination Roundup that BestDraft LLC wrote for Wildland Trekking

Destination-Specific Travel Advice

While perhaps not directly promoting a specific trip that your travel company offers, your customers will always appreciate a little in-country advice! Consider the questions and concerns that your customers may think of once they book a trip to a specific destination – or even if they're still weighing their options – and do your best to answer them.

  • How to get around – car rentals, public transportation, etc.

  • Visa information

  • Best way to get there – airport information, trains, etc.

  • Where to stay – hotel and hostel suggestions

Pro Tip: You can try blending a destination review and travel advice into one article. This method will allow you to promote and link to your trips while still providing helpful travel advice to the reader. Our example below uses this method.

Click the picture for a Travel Advice Article that BestDraft LLC wrote for Wildland Trekking

General Travel Content

This is your chance to make your travel company's blog applicable to every traveler out there! Any topic or question relating to travel is fair game.

Travel gear is a popular choice. Topics such as luggage suggestions, accessories for planes and busses, or clothing thoughts for different regions are all excellent ideas.

Alternatively, you may pivot towards miscellaneous topics for the destinations that your company covers. If there's a unique feature, food, building, or area, write an article about it! For example, one of our writers dove into Bolivia's unique and fascinating culture in the sample article linked below.

Click the picture for a General Travel Article that BestDraft LLC wrote for Flashpacker Connect

Bringing It All Together

Continuously producing valuable and engaging content is no small task for the travel companies out there. However, I hope that our list of travel-themed blog ideas helps steer you in the right direction. To recap, five of the most common and effective topics that our content writers cover are:

  • Specific Destination Review

  • Firsthand Travel Story

  • Destination Roundup

  • Destination-Specific Travel Advice

  • General Travel Content

Naturally, these aren't the only options you have, but they'll form a strong base on which to build an effective blog for your travel company. In addition to the topic ideas, remember to vary your content by not adhering to only one topic, keep the blog posts flowing, and stick to relevant information.

Altogether, these tidbits of advice combined with our five topic ideas are all you need to start cracking out content and connecting with your audience. Additionally, our team of talented and experienced travel content writers is always on hand to inject fresh content into your blog. Just contact us, and we'll be happy to discuss your project and how best to connect your brand to your audience.


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