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We are a team of professionals, outdoor specialists, and travelers who all have one thing in common, writing. We've produced content in nearly every niche conceivable from cookbooks to camping, travel to technology, and aerospace to acrobatics. No matter your idea or project, we guarantee to provide the best qualified writer - or writers - possible for absolutely stellar content. 

Our Team

Dan bio picture

Founder and Lead Writer

With a degree in aerospace engineering, four years of near-constant world traveling and freelance writing, and three years of adventure guiding; Dan has a fully stocked toolkit of experiences and expertise to bring to your project. He's currently based on the West Coast as he splits his time between his writing projects, backcountry guiding, and rock climbing.

Ben Panico Grand Canyon photo.jpg
Benjamin Panico

Editor and Lead Writer

Benjamin is a freelance writer and web designer. He loves being in the outdoors, and his passions include snowboarding, climbing, gardening, and wildlife photography. Benjamin spent his college years working at a rock climbing gym and leading outdoor climbing trips. He's constantly planning his next adventure and has 25 countries and all 50 of the United States so far. He shares road trip recommendations and international destination guides on his photography travel blog. He's excited to put these experiences to use for your next project!

Morgan Wilder

Marketing Assistant and Adventure Writer

Morgan Wilder, former wilderness guide and East Tennessee native, discovered her love for the outdoors while deer hunting with her grandfather in the Great Smoky Mountains.


Years of international travel, hunting, and learning languages led her back home to southern Appalachia where she creates outstanding outdoor and wellness content perfectly tailored to represent each client’s unique voice. On her grandest adventure yet, Morgan is currently writing, homesteading, and expecting her first daughter.

Nate Bio Picture
Nate Purdy

Editor and Book Writer

Based in Chicago, Nate Purdy has spent the last eight years in the sports data industry covering various leagues and competitions across the world. With a background in English and Economics, and one published novel, Nate has considerable writing and editing experience that is ready to be put to use on a wide range of projects.

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 14.22.48.png
Averi Melcher

Travel and Adventure Writer

Averi is a freelance SEO writer and adventure travel blogger. She has over 10 years of experience, beginning her career as a ghostwriter for marketing executives before working at some of San Diego's top marketing agencies as a Content Manager for lifestyle brands. In 2019, Averi left the agency world to begin working for herself. She is now a full-time digital nomad and focuses on the health, wellness and outdoor industries. In her free time she blogs about both her travels and how to run a successful blog for your business.

Visit Averi's Website

Karina Krosbakken

Rock Climbing and Adventure Writer

Based out of Duluth, MN, Karina works as a therapist and is an avid outdoorswoman in her free time. As a jack of all trades and master of none, she is often found outside climbing, running, biking, or dabbling in something new along the North Shore. When not at home, her enthusiasm for exploration takes her to the mountains out west and far off corners of the world. Drawing from a culturally diverse background, a lifetime of travel and outdoor experiences, and a knack for some suffering, Karina writes content informed by the wisdom she has collected and her passion for adventure. Equipped with professional writing skills and a flair for the creative, she is ready to work on your project.

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 6.02.32 PM.png
Ian Standard

Travel and Adventure Writer

Since youth Ian has always felt himself pulled towards trees and playing amongst them. Now, he brings that play to his career as a Guide for a wilderness therapy program in Southeast Alaska, and as a teacher at a K-3 outdoors school in Asheville, North Carolina. Combine all this experience with a passion for reading, and Ian has all the tools he needs to deliver fantastic content! 

Johanna Flashman.png
Johanna Flashman

Rock Climbing and Travel Writer

Johanna is a full-time outdoors and travel writer with a passion for climbing and environmental advocacy. World traveler and vagabond, Johanna spends her time traveling, climbing, writing, and learning new skills. She has a degree in English literature and minor in biology focusing on animal conservation. Johanna writes for several different publications including Climbing, Outside, and SELF. To learn more about her, you can visit her website.

Kristen Bio Picture
Kristen Erickson

Technical and Travel Writer

Aerospace Engineer by day, vacation planner, writer, & editor by night; Kristen is an avid world traveler (14 countries and counting!), an advanced SCUBA diver, and ready to plunge into your next project. 

Meg Carney

Writing Contributor

From market farming to wilderness survival guide to forestry technician and climbing instructor, Meg has an eclectic work history. But the common factor across all her pursuits is the outdoors. With a formal education in writing, Meg can translate her outdoor experiences into accessible and relatable content for any reader. 

Check Out Meg's Website or connect with her on LinkedIn

John Beye

Travel and Adventure Writer

When not working as a freelance writer, John stays busy as a wilderness guide, educator, and sustainable tourism professional working around the globe. He's motivated by pushing the limits of comfort, experiencing new cultures and wild places, and growing closer to the people and environment that surround him.  You can visit his website and Instagram (@sweptoff) to follow the adventure, or contact him professionally on his LinkedIn Page.

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 5.02.30 PM.png
Brooke Raines

Adventure Writer and Filmmaker

Brooke Raines is a writer and filmmaker based in either Southern California or somewhere on the road. Brooke splits her work between the outdoor industry, documentary film, and freelance writing/filmmaking. Brooke spends her free-time writing poetry, traveling and exploring the outdoors in any way possible — surfing, climbing, hiking, camping, etc. 


Visit Brooke's Website.

Mike Pic.jpg
Michael Quintero

Technical Writer

Michael is a technical writer through and through. He is currently employed as a technical writer for a government contractor but has begun to explore the world of freelance writing. The versatility he exhibits in his writing comes from his curiosity and creativity. He does strong research and aims to capture the full essence of your product or experience. Originally from the Northeast, Michael currently lives in Central Florida, and has travelled to countries in Europe, Asia, and South America, as well as parts of the continental USA. He’s also a kid at heart who will talk your ear off about Harry Potter and a big sports fan that loves to show off the Big Papi homer he snagged. He may be new to the team, but he has a lot to offer through his writing.


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